2Pcs Tactical Flashlight Water Resistant Military Grade Tac Light with 5 Modes & Zoom Function Ultra Bright Torch

Max800 high-powered tactical Flashlight with 5 modes & zoom function. High performance flashlight! military grade zoom flashlight made of high-grade air craft aluminum can be seen up to 5 nautical miles away. Compact & lightweight extending over 6 inch long with LED’s that will last up to 100,000 hours! requires 3 x aaa batteries available […]

Establishment Right and Left in “Lock-Step” Behind Clinton to Usher In Unprecedented Era of War

By Justin Gardner With two weeks left to go in the presidential race, the Washington establishment is falling all over itself pushing the inevitability of…

US Army Will Have More Robots Than Human Soldiers By 2025

By Whitney Webb In the next 9 years, the US Army will have more combat robots than humans, according to John Bassett, a former UK…

What Do They Know? Pentagon Releases Ominous Video Warning of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future

By Claire Bernish Hell best describes the future of large cities portrayed in a haunting — and rather alarming — Pentagon video obtained by the…

1952 Food Packet Survival Arctic 3 Korean War Military Ration Emergency MRE Review

FREE SOLDIER Men Outdoor Tactical Softshell Jacket Waterproof Army Military Hooded jacket (CP camouflage XXL)

FREE SOLDIER Tactical Jacket with 100% Quality Guaranteed!Whether you are a outdoor sports enthusiast or not, you deserve a FREE SOLDIER tactical soft shell jacket designed for you. Introduction:1. Material: DINTEX soft shell fabric, medium weight fleece lining2. This jacket is upgraded style, much warmer with fleece lining, comprehensive unique waterproof design; windproof, breathable, warm […]

Brightest Led Flashlight Tactical Rechargeable Cree Emergency Best Waterproof Camping Military 18650 Battery Professional 1200 Lumens 2 Year Warranty Christmas Gift PRO-ADVANTAGE FX-1500 (Black)

This is the PRO- ADVANTAGE authentic zoomable Brightest Military Flashlight. We offer 2 version of the same Flashlight. The Black version(this page) which includes the Flashlight with the Charger and a18650 Lithium Battery plus some accessories and the Green version that includes the same with the Black version without the Charger and the 18650 Battery. […]

Pentagon Caught Paying PR Firm $540 Million to Make Fake Terrorist Videos

By Claire Bernish According to a new joint investigation by the Sunday Times and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the Pentagon paid a PR firm…

This Is What They Were Afraid Of — Iraqis Use “Sue the Saudis” 9/11 Bill To Sue US For 2003 Invasion

By Matt Agorist The warmongers in the US government have just had their fears realized as Iraq plans to use the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act…

Inside Look: Colt Combat Unit

The Colt Combat Unit comprises of three individuals with loads of military and training experience and advises Colt on product development and production. The post Inside Look: Colt Combat Unit appeared first on Gun Digest.

Western Media Blames Russia, Syria For Attack On UN Convoy; Video and Photos Tell Different Story

By Brandon Turbeville Throughout the entirety of the Syrian crisis, Western media outlets have misrepresented facts and presented outright lies to their audiences regarding virtually…

US Army Military Woodland Camouflage Camo GTX GORETEX Sleeping Bag BIVY COVER by US Government Tennier Industries GI USGI NSN 8465-01-455-6274

Genuine Us Military Issue Gore-Tex Bivy Sleeping Bag Cover! Color: Woodland Camo. Made in USA by Tennier Corp. for the US Military. NSN: 8465-01-455-6274. FEATURES: Component of the 4 piece Modular Sleep System (MSS). Woodland Camo pattern zipper and snap storm flap. Waterproof and windproof. Made for the US Military modular sleeping system to be […]

Reebow Tactical Molle Medical EMT Pouch Ifak First Aid Bag Only Military Utility Pouches

Brand:REEBOW TACTICALDescription:Tactical Molle Medical EMT Pouch Ifak First Aid Bag Only Military Utility Pouches Black This Molle medical EMT pouch is the latest design military first aid bag only, It’s EMT first aid bag only and empty, didn’t include medical supplies. Size approx.: W6xH8xD2.5 inches. Tactical medical pouch is made of durable and waterproof fabric. […]

Video Shows American Soldiers Posing As “Rebels,” “Fleeing” Jihadists in Syria

By Brandon Turbeville In a series of reports floating around even some of the mainstream press organs, a video has emerged that reportedly shows U.S….

Tactical Duffle Military Molle Gear Shoulder Strap Range Bag

Perfect as a carry-on bag for outdoor activity!

RUSH – A Movie Inspired By The Battlefield Video Game

From the guys at Corridor Digital: Looks entertaining, plus the realism looks great.  I’ll watch it if I can without downloading that stupid “go90” app they are trying to push… I’m not interested in that I can assure you.  I get it, there is potentially lots of extra money if you don’t use YouTube, but it’s seriously a major pain in the ass for everyone so if you ask me that’s quite the cost (inconveniencing and irritating your audience). Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital talk about RUSH: Thoughts? RUSH – A Movie Inspired By The Battlefield Video Game originally appeared

Elite Tactical® Pro 300 Series Tactical Flashlight – Best, Brightest & Most Powerful 1200 Lumen Military Grade Rechargeable LED CREE Searchlight w/ Zoom For Self & Home Defense – Waterproof – Black

The Elite Tactical® Pro 300 Series Tactical Flashlight is constructed from heavy-duty, military grade material, and is the best, brightest, and most powerful flashlight on the market! It has 1200 lumen illumination intensity, and is complete with a zoomable feature that allows you to concentrate light into specific areas. Our design is waterproof and shockproof, […]

Knife Review : Gerber “StrongArm” Military Fixed Blade

This CIA-Backed D-Wave Quantum Computer Will Change Your View of Reality Forever

By Piper McGowin Meanwhile as everyone was busy arguing over the bread and circus elections, the CIA was busy funding a computer so powerful that…

The Future of War Looks Like Hollywood: “Terminator-Like Machines to Fight in Battlefields”

For those who always saw James Cameron’s blockbuster Terminator 2 as somehow eerily inevitable, recent trends in the development of warfare are proving them correct. How will the nature of warfare change with the advent of autonomous robots that can make their own decisions to kill? In short, it could change everything, though it is unclear if it will lead to a final stand by a human army against the rise of AI. Think tanks that advise military planning and policies are now warning that the dawn of autonomous, killer robots – in real life – is upon us, and could …

Freehawk Survival Tactical Belt Emergency Fire Rescue Rigger Waist Belt Military CQB Belt

This survival tactical belt is suitable for field operations, riding, hunting and other sports. Durable Material and Safety: Tactical Belt is a heavy duty belt, built tough with parachute grade buckles and adapters for tactical, duty, or everyday use. Standard Belt: It can be used as a standard belt when be worn on pants, while […]

ShadowHawk Tactical Laser 5mW 532nm Green Dot Outdoors Military Sight Rifle Gun Scope with Accessories

Aircraft Aluminum Construction * Laser Beam Diameter Starting at 750mm thru 95mm * Over 5,000 Hours Laser Diode Lifetime Expectancy * SmartSwitch Technology * Lockout Mode for Safety * Heat Resistant Reflector Lens Please review the list completely so you’ll know exactly what accessories are included. Nothing more, nothing less… Includes: 1 – GENUINE SHADOWHAWK […]

Machine Gun Graveyard

Check out this picture posted on TheFirearmBlog of a bunch of machine guns at a museum in California that were made inoperable. Sad. Almost as sad as this gun graveyard in Asia full of rusted WWII and Vietnam War era guns. From TheFirearmBlog: This photo was taken by me at the former Military Vehicle Technology Foundation (aka the Littlefield Collection) museum in Portola Valley, CA. All of the formerly full-automatic weapons you see before you were rendered inoperable in preparation for leaving the state. This included torching both the receiver and barrel. Most of what you see in the


SUNVP Tactical Military Daypack Sling Chest Pack Bag Molle Laptop Backpack Large Shoulder Bag Crossbody Duty Gear For Hunting Camping Trekking

Military Tactical Sling Chest Pack Nylon Hunting Molle Single Shoulder Bag for Outdoor Hiking Cycling Department:Unisex Structure 1.Exterior: Two zipped front pockets,Two side pockets,Back zipper pocket,One Mobile Phone pack on the shoulder strap,Velcro closure straps 2.Interior: One open pocket 3.Outer Material: High strength abrasion nylon Inner Material: Waterproof Silky Cotton 4.Back: Thicken Breathablec Sponge 5.Hardware: […]