HotHands Toe Warmers

HotHands® Toe Warmers are single use air-activated heat packs that provide everyday warmth and are ideal for keeping your toes warm when the temperature gets cold. These warmers provide safe, natural heat, so you can enjoy the outdoors all year long. The toe warmers are ultra-thin, have a rounded toe and are designed for optimal […]

Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG

Stand out amongst the crowd! The Sonik Blast CMG whistle is extremely loud and easy to blow. Sound power: 120 dB. Proudly made in North America!

I GO First Aid Kit For Survival and Emergencies (85 Pieces) Light, Waterproof, Compact, and Comprehensive – Perfect for Home, car, Road Trips, Sport, Camping, or Any Other Outdoors Activities

Make sure you have a First Aid Kit at your fingertips in case of unexpected situations! Life is unpredictable, accidents happen and being prepared is a must in a world that changes as fast as ours. Comes in a water-resistant (not water-proof) soft bag, is designed to last a long time, no matter how rough […]

Zippo Multi Purpose Candle Lighter

The Mini MPL is easy to use, with an advanced soft-touch ignition system and an adjustable flame dial. Made of durable metal, the Mini MPL features a patented child-resistant safety button. For optimum performance of every Zippo Mini MPL, we recommend genuine Zippo premium butane fuel. $ 14.95

MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight Emergency LED Flashlight Carabiner Dynamo w/ Quick Snap Clip Backpack Flashlight Torch Weather Ready for Camping Outdoor Climbing Hiking

Never Run Out of Power! & Store hours of energy to Light Place the torchlight in the sun or under any artificial light and it will collect and store hours of energy to light even the Low solar Radiation areas What if the battery drains in darkness where no lights can be utilized? Just turning […]

Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm with Backup Whistle, Hidden OFF Button and Bag / Purse Clip (PPS-23K)

The PPS23 keychain model is a special edition version of our popular PPS23 series. For this special limited edition unit, in addition to the colors available (black, pink, green, yellow and red), we’ve included a keyring and a bag clip. We believe this unit is the ultimate personal alarm for purses, backpacks, and car keys. […]

humangear GoToob Travel Bottles, 3-pack, Black-Black-Black 2 oz

Humangear – GoToob 3-Pack Black Med 2 oz Model: HUM0186. Squeezable Travel Tubes. Black FDA food grade silicone construction. Hinged lid with no-drip valve. Features built-in suction cup. 2 fl. oz. capacity. Carry-on approved. Hang packaged. $ 30.05

SaberLight Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter

SaberLight is a revolutionary plasma beam Lighter that uses electricity instead of butane to generate a plasma wave hotter than fire. Saberlight took over 2 years of development and the results speak for themselves . . . this plasma wave can set anything ablaze instantly in futuristic style. Numerous studies have shown that traditional butane […]

TOLOCO Outdoor Inflatable Lounger Nylon Fabric Beach Lounger Convenient Compression Air Bag Hangout Bean Bag Portable Dream Chair

FUNCTIONS in life: Enjoy it at home. Simply fill it with air, it if your chair, it is your sofa, it is your bed. If you don’t need it, just let the air go and fold the bag and put it away, it would not take your place at all. 1. As a chair, it […]

Tesla Coil LightersTM USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

Tesla Coil LightersTM Take charge with the Tesla Coil Lighters, a rechargeable electric lighter that requires no flame, no butane, no hassle! Why Teslar Here at Tesla Coil Lighters, we believe in forging the way with inventive new products designed for the modern world. The Tesla Coil Lighter is simple, safe, reliable, and with its […]

ResQue1st Hard Shell Complete First Aid Kit 125-Piece

This compact first aid kit comes packaged in a sturdy hard shell foam case for easy storage and portability. This kit is perfect for car, home, work and definitely camping and outdoors. Our kit contains basic first aid supplies. Each kit contains 124 pieces of first aid and a very durable carrying case. Contents include; […]

Zippo Color Lighters

The Classic Zippo lighter is the ideal accessory for camping, concerts, or simply sparking conversation. Features sturdy construction and wind-proof flame. Made in the USA.

A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak Series – High Quality Survival Gear Kit with Embedded Compass, Fire Starter, Emergency Knife & Whistle – Pack of 2 – Quick Release Slim Buckle Design Hiking Gear

THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL TOOL Imagine the following scenario: You and your friends are on camping trip and you decide to take your kajak out for a quick solo spin on the river before it gets dark. Dressed up in just shorts and with your backpack at the campsite you start your trip. A few miles […]

Zippo 1941 Replica Lighters

The 1941 Replica 8482; High Polish Sterling Silver lighter exudes understated elegance. The case of this replica lighter has flat planes with sharper, less rounded edges where the front and back surfaces meet the sides. The lid and bottom are joined with a four-barrel hinge and the sides of the inside unit are flat, with […]

Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Kit Gold Type A

Type A patches are designed for repairing most fabrics, canvas, rubber, neoprene, nylon, Sunbrella, Gore-tex, polyester, hypalon, Dacron, non-oiled leather, acrylics, aluminum, fiberglass and plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane. TEAR-AID Repair Patches provide a simple and easy method of patching holes and tears, as well as an excellent protective film solution. Each TEAR-AID Repair […]

Tesla Coil LightersTM USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

Necessity is the mother of invention, and few things have propelled human advancement more than harnessing the power of fire. Take the next step with Tesla Coil Lighters in hand – the modern day solution to traditional lighters, because who has time to fuss with butane, wait for a flame, or fumble with spark wheels? […]

Coghlan’s 940BP Waterproof Matches – 4 Pack

Approximately 40 wooden matches to a pocket size box. Ideal for Hunters, Fishermen, Campers or Outdoor Workers. Safety Matches cannot light accidentally. Must be struck on striker surface on box.

SPPARX USB Lighter ?FASTER – STRONGER – SAFER? Electronic Lighter in Innovative Design, Dual Arc, USB Rechargeable Windproof, USB cable included, Elegant Gift Box

SPPARX USB LIGHTER #1 Best Choice Electronic Lighter on AMAZON! The search is over, No more cheap lighters! SPPARX LIGHTERS – FASTER – STRONGER – SAFER Here are the benefits: ?Made of strong zinc alloy (not plastic like some lighters) ?2 Arc Lighter (Stronger and faster then other 1 arc lighters) ?A full charge can […]

Tesla Coil LightersTM USB Rechargeable Windproof Dual Arc Lighter

Necessity is the mother of invention, and few things have propelled human advancement more than harnessing the power of fire. Take the next step with Tesla Coil Lighters in hand – the modern day solution to traditional lighters, because who has time to fuss with butane, wait for a flame, or fumble with spark wheels? […]

Tear-Aid Repair Type B Vinyl Kit

Tear-Aid repairs holes and tears instantly! Tear-Aid has a unique composition that stretches and recovers absorbing the force that causes ordinary products to lift. Holds air and water under pressure even when stretched. The UV resistant inhibits yellowing and it conforms to irregular surfaces. Cuts easily to any size with scissors. Won’t turn gummy. Available […]

The shopping aisle Disposable Hooded Rain Poncho (Set of 4)

FOUR (4) Emergency Hooded Rain Ponchos . Most of us don’t think far enough ahead, especially if we trust our weatherperson. Dropping the kids off at school, out hiking, hunting, fishing or running we normally are not prepared when wet weather strikes. How many times have you a left for work or an outing on […]

Mountain House Just In Case… Classic Bucket

Just In Case… Classic Bucket

Light and Durable First Aid Kit for Camping, Hiking, Car. Fully Stocked for an Emergency, Survival, Travel, or Home.

Be Prepared for Any Adventure or Mishap with Northbound’s Ultra-Versatile and Durable First Aid Kit. Whether hitting the trail or going to the office, be safe every time. Enjoy knowing a first aid kit is there to protect your life. Whether a sprained ankle or car accident, be prepared for life’s twists. Because nothing prepares […]

Sawyer Products B4 Extractor Pump Kit

The Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit extracts venom and poisons from the bites and stings of snakes, bees, wasps, mosquitoes and more. The Extractor’s double chamber vacuum pump action is designed to provide powerful suction for the extraction of venoms and poisons without the need for scalpel blades or knives used in other kits. Because it’s […]

Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster – Maximum Strength & Maximum Range – 35 Feet (9.2 oz)

When Only The Best Will Do “Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975”, SABRE Security Equipment Corporation is proud to manufacture the world’s number one selling pepper sprays: SABRE & SABRE Red. The #1 brand chosen by both law enforcement agencies and consumers, SABRE backs the most effective pepper spray with education and training to maximize […]