Opinion Polls; How Accurate are they Really?

Now I know that this is not the most interesting subject but I had of dose of this in college statistics classes (3) for my undergrad and graduate degree. In business, statistics are mostly used for continuous process improvement or validating supply and product variances. But I would dare to say that the way most of us know about polling is during the political seasons. In this article I will give an overview of opinion polls and the parts that might make a difference in determining accuracy. While I am no expert, I have been exposed and understand the concepts. I will have one really good link that will explain this very well …

Fighting Distances; Considering Variations in Armed and Unarmed Fighting

You live in a city or country where you cannot carry a gun and your car breaks down. Your cell phone is out of juice but you see a store a couple of blocks down the street. Earlier in the day you had attended martial arts training and still have a trunk full of weapons. Now you see a bunch of guys approaching talking garbage. I know this is a contrived situation but I had to figure out a way that one might legally have spears, staffs,  swords, daggers, clubs, tomahawks, and such to talk about the differences in fighting methods. Before we get going into this discussion I would like to mention my expertise is with unarmed combat …

Defending your Livelihood

We all depend on our jobs making us money so we can pay bills, have fun, and just live. Same … The post Defending your Livelihood appeared first on TBOTECH Security Blog.

Transitioning from Sport Karate Fighter to Self-Defense!

One of the fighter’s dilemmas is what happens when you grow old? I’ve written about this before but I want to take a slightly different tact other than entertaining the though that old men will fight as good as young men. This is a case of diminishing returns. The older a man gets – the more his skill, strength, and stamina leaves him. Specifically someone used to fighting any kind of sport karate (point sparring, continuous sparring, full contact or kick boxing, and even mma) will notice all of the hungry young pups giving the oldsters a run for their money…

The Refugee Issue is Really Smoke and Mirrors as Genocide Not Addressed!

We hear a lot about how caring liberals are and how mean conservatives are regarding the Syrian refugee issue. This is probably fodder for tonight’s debate. For a long time this was difficult for me as a Christian because on the one hand, wanting to help people in dire straights (the reason we accept refugee’s) and the other hand, not wanting any more un-vetted refugee’s from war torn areas that we have no guarantee would give priority to victims of Genocide, Rape, and Slavery! For me the question was answered when 56 of 10,801 Syrian refugees accepted by the US, were Christian. So considering the additional risk of ISIS seeding…

Eastern Martial Arts compared to HEMA vs Modern Fencing

Wow that is quite a mouthful – Eastern MA compared to Historical European MA vs Olympic Fencing? Many might not understand the differences and to be truthful – it is hard to see the difference between Eastern vs Western martial arts. Is East Japan Kenpo, Okinawan Karate, Korean Tae Kwon Do, or Chinese Kung Fu? or we talking some Mongolian wrestling or Greko Roman wrestling? Are we speaking Turkish oil wrestling? All might be argued as the “East.” How about HEMA (historical European martial arts) or Western martial arts maybe? If so what does that entail? So just the French and English Saber or does it include the Turkish Saber? So you see when we talk terms it is easy to be confused. I’ll…

Self-Defense And The Art Of Motorcycling

This post lists ten guidelines for safe motorcycling and draws the comparison to how those same principles can be applied to self-defense.

Target Putting Women and Children at Risk! Boycott Target

For those of you who don’t know – Target has been on the cutting edge of the lefty agendas by pushing the boundaries of safety under the guise of transvestites rights (or whatever they call themselves these days). You see Target earlier this year decided to let men self identify as a transgender (but I know them as transvestites) and use the woman’s bathroom. Now I was used to Washington and NBC, CBS, and ABC trying to push “progressive” agendas and for the most part they have been successful. Roe vs. Wade happened so abortions are commonplace and recently the supreme court ruled allowing homosexual marriage in all 50 states. So you would …

Self-Defense Against Knives or Other Weapons?

When I was a kid I used to watch how Kato (Bruce Lee in the Green Hornet) could beat thugs with knives and clubs in fights! Boy he made it look easy. I said at the time I wanted to learn how to do that. The thought that one could learn some secret techniques and then walk the back streets at night in confidence was amazing! Well fast forward 50 years and I still think it is cool but I have more of a jaded eye. My older self realizes that there is a fair chance the guy with a weapon will win. Is it possible to fight a short dagger without any weapons? Sure but is it smart? No…

Social Media Does Not Work for Me; Expanding the Scope of this Blog!

This is a short post about the expansion of MySelfDefenseBlog.com. You see I, like over a billion others of you have tried facebook and other such sites and for me it is maddening! I’ll go over the pros and cons and then what I really think. I’m not trying to sway anyone else to my way of thinking but this is more of an explanation of why I’m expanding the scope of this blog. Pros – you can keep up with family and friends. Really you will know everything about them. More about them then you probably wanted to know. Many people think this is a plus! You can find long gone “friends” and rekindle an …

Teach Your Children Well; How to Defend Themselves!

As a young parent one of the things I had to deal with early on was how to keep my kids safe from all threats. Now most of the worrisome things were in the home like falling objects and hot things. But as your kids grow most parents find out more and more are out of their control. Bullies at the playground and school can be worrisome as well as muggers and rapists to and from school. What is a parent to do? I learned early on I had to teach my kids how to fight. Not so formerly as you might…

Avoiding the Violence of Riots

Despite the Gray family’s plea for peaceful demonstrations, innocent citizens of Baltimore are now victims of what many are calling … The post Avoiding the Violence of Riots appeared first on TBOTECH Security Blog.

Learn the Arm Bar Technique for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Prepping for vacation

What is vacation season for most of us is a busy time of year for burglars. They love to find … The post Prepping for vacation appeared first on TBOTECH Security Blog.

Exoskeleton Soldier in Action

Interval Training Overview

If you haven’t already, I recommend that you incorporate “interval training” into your combative workouts. Interval training involves short, intense bursts of high-intensity exertion followed by lower intensity periods of recovery. It’s a perfect training protocol for your heavy bag training, focus mitt sessions or kettlebell circuits. Interval training is an effective way to build your stamina, burn body fat and simulate the type of “blitz and recover” performance required in a combative or self-defense situation.

Hand & Wrist Pain From Heavy Bag Training

I got an email from a subscriber who is experiencing hand and wrist pain as a result of heavy bag training.  Since this is a common question, I thought I’d share it on the blog: ; I have recently begun using a heavy bag, and after each session I experience

What Makes Pepper Spray Work?

If you’ve ever before bitten into a warm chili pepper that was merely a little too spicy for you to handle, then you could understand just how challenging it is to get the burning feeling in your mouth to vanish. The instant pain can be intolerable, and despite the amount of water you consume, it…Read the rest of this entry

What is a Diversion Safe

If you never heard of a Diversion Safe then you might be asking what is a Diversion Safe? Simply put a Diversion Safe is a safe that is disguised to look like an ordinary item you might have in your house. there are different variations such as a can, book or a rock. You can…Read the rest of this entry

If you have a pool, you need an alarm

We’re rapidly approaching pool season for most of the United States. People from coast to coast will be setting up … The post If you have a pool, you need an alarm appeared first on TBOTECH Security Blog.

Hidden Camera Catches Boyfriend Doing the Unthinkable

Here is another reason to stay vigilant concerning your children, even around people you supposedly know. That this was able … The post Hidden Camera Catches Boyfriend Doing the Unthinkable appeared first on TBOTECH Security Blog.

Arm Bar Counter to a Kimura Attempt

Have You Fallen Victim to a Hypnotic Scams?

Hypnosis is sanctioned by the American Medical Association and is a well respected practice used by psychiatrists, doctors, and dentists. It is also used in sales and advertising. Clinical hypnosis is beneficial in eliminating phobias and helps overcome harmful habits such as overeating and smoking. In fact everyone experiences several hypnotic trances throughout the day. It can happen while

Fitness For Self-Defense And Martial Arts

I recently commented on “LinkedIn” about my views on the role of fitness and conditioning in martial arts and self-defense training.  Here’s the gist of my position on the matter. I’ve been teaching self-defense for about 40 years. Fitness and conditioning is a key component in my approach to self-defense and martial

The Truth About Self-Defense

Many self-defense solutions are limited to fighting techniques. It’s not that simple. If your interest lies in a legitimate and comprehenisve approach to personal safety, you need to look at the bigger picture with your training and studies.