Skeletonized AR15 Gets Dirty

Skeletonized AR15 Gets Dirty

Nikola Tesla Secret


  1. Razan Faza says:

    you made a rainbow?

  2. Davito2000 says:

    "Swag"- Jarl Balgruuf.?

  3. Luke Skywalker says:

    Looks like deadshots gun?

  4. Jacob Palos says:

    I aged ten years when the gun went in the water?

  5. Steven Noda says:


  6. Zipotricks says:

    These are my kind of wet dreams.?

  7. Southeast Memes says:

    It's like 1,205 $ why would you trow it into water?

  8. isaac pine says:

    Get a skelitonized fully automatic ar15 like dale atwood?

  9. Leo hernandz says:

    ? that speed!?

  10. nice?

  11. Six Plays says:

    Thats not the ar 15?

  12. Mark- -12 says:

    5:13 I diddend know a gun could make a rainbow…?

  13. Lucas alves says:

    5:10 you have created your own rainbow?

  14. Alexander McCluskie says:

    get a Thompson M1A1 smg?

  15. Vincent Zhu says:

    What cartridge is that??

  16. PIXEL GAMING YT says:

    do you ever shoot guns on full auto?

  17. SmoshlyGaming_YT says:

    5:04 Oh shit that's the worlds way of saying Thats really gay?

  18. Ishaaq Ansar says:

    we're all addicted to ar 15s?


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