~Power Pressure Cooker XL Canning Session With Linda’s Pantry~

~Power Pressure Cooker XL Canning Session With Linda's Pantry~

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  1. Ashley Harness says:

    You are not supposed to use electric pressure cookers to can food, especially low acid foods, because there has been no research conducted to show that the temperatures necessary to safely kill the bacteria that causes botulism (a FATAL foodborne illness), which can easily contaminate anything it comes into contact with, including the air, –can be reached within the unit. You can read about the issue here http://nchfp.uga.edu/publications/nchfp/factsheets/electric_cookers.html. This is why I decided that, instead of canning pumpkin this year, because I do not have the old-fashioned pressure canner, I will be pureeing and freezing pumpkin instead. What this woman is showing you, in this video, can potentially kill you, or anyone else that eats the preserved food. While it seems like a small risk, giving that we all realize how hot the steam is inside these things, –it is not a risk I am personally willing to take with my self, or my family. Again, this is NOT a USDA approved method of food preservation and it IS a health hazard.?

  2. Wanda Goddard says:

    oh Linda i love the sounds that my pressure canners make. its progress, goodness and love.?

  3. Diana Shelton says:

    Thank you so much. I really trust your canning videos and now I have a Pressure Canner XL also :)?

  4. LyLy MoWa says:

    Pressure cookers are awesome for cooking but none are safe for canning (regardless of what they tell you can do with it). Like my electric PC for cooking though. AMAZING unit.?

  5. Just Peachy says:

    Rinsed? What do you mean when you said you rinsed your beans prior to putting them in the jars??

  6. Debbie Holland says:

    I have heard that it wasn't good for canning. What do you know from your own experience? What does the vinegar in the caner/pressure cooker do??

  7. John Texas says:

    Linda-love your channel, have watched for years. I've canned for 30 years, have an All American. I've always read that the USDA recommends 15 pounds for canning veggies and meats. None of these electric cookers (I have an Instant Pot) gets anywhere near that pressure, which means that the food doesn't reach the temp necessary. Do you have newer info? Please answer, because I haven't seen anything. And best wishes from Texas!?

  8. Make Your Own Power says:

    it does have an "off" button :)?

  9. Make Your Own Power says:

    we just got ours and looking forward to canning.?

  10. Tufflife Q4U says:

    Now that you have had the Power Pressure Cooker xl for a year,how do you like it?is it a product you use alot??

  11. Janet Baden says:

    the recipe books from power pressure cooker are a rip-off..i got the canning one in the mail and wondered what it was at first it was so thin..they charged 19.99 and it was so thin with very little recipes…i am new to canning but geez..i ordered 2 of the ball canning books which were 400 recipes and less money than what amounted to little more than an insert-sized book from power pressure site..i like my power pressure cooker XL tho..haven't tried the canning yet..that is next?

  12. Jennifer Butt says:
  13. Lydia Douglas says:

    Linda will you be doing any canning with the power pressure xl this season? Even if it's just a small batch??

  14. John Galanakis says:


  15. Hi Linda, is the insert made of stainless steel??

  16. zapperzip says:

    aren't you supposed to press the time adjustment button to bring the timer up to the desired length of cooking time instead of doing another 45 mins, just wondering??

  17. Lydia Douglas says:

    for those of you who says it is not approved yes it is otherwise the product with the canner would not have passed. READ THE MANUAL that comes with the machine. I have the 6 quart size model # ppc770 which i gather Linda you have as you only are holding 4 pint jars. People just go to the Fusion Life Brand facebook page (google it) and send them a message in their message box. Usually answer within the hour. (don't phone) I was an hr and that was np. Make sure you have your MANUAL so they know what model you have (oh and model # is on the front of the manual) I wasn't understand the charts now I do no problem. I did the beets from the book and had cabbage soup leftover and canned 4 of them. I was water bath but with new glass stove water bath isn't good so them say as the heat of in and out. PAGE 11 explains for 6 qts. AkPa is a settting for 80which equals to 11.6lbs. The 6 qt is for small batch canning. SO PLEASE READ MANUAL Thanks Linda hope you do more canning with this.?

  18. I just got the Power Pressure XL and have done chicken, Corned Beef, & black beans. Have you or anybody in you tube land had any lidĀ failures or gotten sick from using this. I like others thought that because the company said meets USDA standards it did. I don't know what to do.?

  19. lebleubayou says:

    FYI: The people telling you it is not safe to can with this model have a serious conflict of interest. Ball Corporation is selling their OWN model at TWICE the price. The National Center for Home Food Preservation – NCHFP – is heavily influenced by the Ball corporation and apparently only subscribes to whatever Ball says is acceptable.?

  20. jenise german says:

    ok folks i canned sausage in my xl and it sealed it took 2 ..hrs but it did, good ..6 days later we ate the sasuage to test drive it ..ginny pig me.. i am still here 2 weeks later..husband wouldnt eat it till 4 hrs after i did .it was great .so made breakfast two days later used rest of the sasuage and my boys liked it it was well done.so this week cooked 7 more pints sasuage.same as before sealed good boiling in jars just like pressure cooker suppose to .will watch and tell you more when i know more..?