Knife Review : “Le Duck” Neck Knife (Cheap & Fun Blade Option)

Knife Review :

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  1. SterlingOutdoors says:

    I have the orange version and its great for small game hunting, perfect for cleaning rabbits, squirrels and grouse….I use the clip and it sits on my belt perfectly. The sheath is awesome because the knife can't get pulled out even when I'm bushwhacking through super dense cover. I think in a pinch you could probably clean most game with it if it was sharp enough. My only gripe is that the handle isn't "blaze" orange, its more of a dull burnt orange. For the price its great?

  2. redneckoutdoors14 says:

    "Zip it down and pull it out!"?

  3. Rick Parton says:

    Companion? Is it a neck knife? I got the Minamalist upon your recommendation and love it, but doesn't hold an edge very well, which is important to me!?

  4. cobweb930 says:

    Bro carry your neck knife under a garment its all around safer and you don't paint a bulls-eye on your forehead. Please do yourself a favor.?

  5. I enjoy your reviews. As for 'not going to skin a deer with it', well, how about a short story time (from me)

    When I was in middle and high school, as we lived way out in a rural area and there was no one my age around I spent a lot of time sharpening the knives in my small 'collection'. One of those was a Case Sodbuster, Jr. a neighbor and friend of my dad's gave me. Well, we were in Georgia visiting family and a couple of my dad's brothers happened to be cleaning a deer. Each of them, in turn, tried skinning it with their medium to large sized sheath knives and none of them were sharp enough. I kept offering my Sodbuster, Jr. and saying, "Here, try this." Well, finally (mostly to get me to shut up, I think) they did. Unlike their 'hunting knives', it was razor sharp and it worked. So they skinned the deer with my little bitty Sodbuster, Jr. For that matter last year I was given a deer by a neighbor and I skinned it out with a Schrade Sharpfinger which a isn't much larger than this but, of course, is designed to be a skinning knife.?

  6. "Le Duck" It literally the worst fucking name for a knife I have ever heard, It bothers me every time I hear it lol?

  7. Mr. Rocket says:

    You should review an TRD(Tactial Rope Dispenser) You can find out more on Dale Atwoods channel?

  8. Sticky Ooze says:

    6:20 "doody hole(ster)"?

  9. Sean Hatfield says:

    Been waiting for this review for a while now! Good Job Jeff!?

  10. Mick Sully says:

    Hey Jeff when's the finnwolf review because I'm thinking about getting one?

  11. big visk (bigvisk) says:

    i never flick the release unless im just messing around. otherwise i just pull it out?

  12. Rich Newton says:

    Jeff, after seeing your review, I stopped by Walmart in order to pick up the "wood clip" knife by Ozark. The only knife available was the Ozark Multi-Tool in black & blue for $13.00. I have been using it at work this week and it has a helluva edge to it straight out of the box. Looking forward to you possibly reviewing this model. I plan on having this one for a long time. Keep up the great reviews and stories!?

  13. TheAlibion says:

    Funny, ive seen this yesterday in your edc setting and today, ive bought it in germany. My knife dealer had one for sale. Is the orange version.?

  14. Bridges Cutlery says:

    That's actually about the perfect size for field dressing deer…imo. Great video Jeff!?

  15. Christian Turner says:

    This made me want the Le Duck even more, I wanted to say thank you, Thank you for making this and all your videos, Ive been watching them for about 2-3 years, I binge watched all your videos xD, But thank you, Thats all I posted this comment for was to give you a simple thank you, Saying thank you for making these videos, without you I wouldnt know that this knife even existed.?

  16. shaggyusm26 says:

    Hey Jeff, I'm looking at getting a cheap-ish neck knife. How does this compare to the CRKT Minimalist Bowie? Visually, the Minimalist seems to have a better handle. Thoughts??

  17. ??????? ??????? says:

    Hey Jeff, try out some Amsler neck knife, i think you gonna like it?

  18. ZingerZamboni says:

    bought one after your first video about this as my first neck knife. been slicing boxes every day since lol?

  19. I'd totally get this knife if it didn't have the ugly "Le Duck" text on the blade.?

  20. Knifegod89 xx00 says:

    Usually Neck Knives don't attract any Attention, because nobody is wearing them over their Shirt, UNLESS they want the attention?