Glock 19 & FMK 9C1 G2 9mm Pistol Comparison

Glock 19 & FMK 9C1 G2 9mm Pistol Comparison

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  1. I wonder if the trigger connector from the glock will work on the FMK. They look very similar and it would be nice if you could install one of the lighter aftermarket types.?

  2. lucasjasondl says:

    Stay strong. Be of good courage. God bless America. Long live the republic.?

  3. Mirza Didic says:

    I love your reviews. Great job. I have a question, have you got a chance to use Steyr M9 A1? If you did, how would you compare it to the Glock 19? And would you recommend to buy Steyr??

  4. michael eley says:

    I had one in 40 call. Had issues with stove piping. When it worked it was the best ..sorry to say I had to let it go?

  5. Black Riflemen's Organization (The B.R.O.) says:

    The FMK strikes my fancy… I must admit that I have been spoiled with guns that have great fit and finish, and the FMK is missing that. It seems to function excellently, however. If I could snag one out the door for say, 400 even… I would say deal! Part of a purchase, for me, does include form. I want a gun that that performs reliably, and looks good doing it. That said, I plan to snag a couple of these in FDE and Gray.?

  6. PowerChucker says:

    What is that Tactical looking watch that you are wearing??

  7. TheTrulyInsane says:

    I think we need to create a petition to glock to bring back the tenifer finish. I hate all my gen 4s scratch up in a month?

  8. isaiah lewis says:

    can you stipple an fmk??

  9. Sootch great review! I have to admit I've been I the fence about the fmk but I appreciate the information and solid details in your reviews. I'll be ordering mine as a back up very shortly. Thanks again. Your work is greatly appreciated!?

  10. Matt Nelson says:

    love my G19 but also love my G17 just as much if not more?

  11. DAIadvisor says:

    Wanted to like FMK, but it just felt like a flimsy Glock rip off. I would honestly rather buy a Hi-Point, than FMK. Thanks for video.?

  12. Josh King says:

    I actually really like this fmk. I haven't held one of seen on in person even, but from what I can tell by your very detailed video! that it seems to be a pretty legit side arm, and I love the patriotism, I have recently also discovered the "honor guard". from honor defence, as well as the bersa BP9 polymer concealed carry! those also seem to be very nice.?

  13. Steve Saephanh says:

    fmk = USP and Glock had a baby?

  14. Dynomight Dynomight says:

    Hi Sootch – was at the range today with my Gen 3 19, and wondered why I shoot it better than the 17 or 34. Apparently the finger grooves on the gen 3 19 are either deeper or slightly closer together than the gen 4 17? I am able to wrap my hand around the 19 more so than the 17. Is this correct??

  15. HeavyJ Mertes says:

    Scootch how about a comparison with the Canik SF, and Ruger. Looking for a budget 9mm that works. Please test with attached flashlight, see which hold tight, thanks! Really respect your reviews!?

  16. careful! the drop safety doesn't work!?

  17. wd40 ducttape says:

    Glock 19. Proven.?

  18. Mark Fletcher says:

    I happen to be a musician and I cannot stop going to the beginning of this video! Not only to see the beautiful tools you bare, but to hear that music! What's this instrumental called?! And where can I find it??

  19. Nope, nope. FMK is located in MEXIFORNIA!!!!! Are you serious? There is no way on God's green earth that I will buy a firearm or anything firearm related if the manufacturer is located in the state ranked #49 out of 50 for oppressive government rule. Only New York is ranked worse at #50 for loss of freedoms. This is the latest stat. Any FMK purchase will result in fiat money going to the regime which rules over the people of Mexifornia. FMK GET OUT OF MEXIFORNIA.?