Dehydrating Cabbage!

Dehydrating Cabbage!

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  1. Mubarra Ali says:

    Thank you so much for pointing this video out to me. I love your channel and look forward to many more videos in the future. Woo. hoo!!!?

  2. DCPorter71 says:

    Do you know what,,, I love your channel. Been watching loads of your videos. I bet mealtimes are great round yours, proper home cooking?

  3. CameliaDiamonds says:

    Awesome idea! How would you cook if you had no power? Video please!??

  4. diannetabor says:

    Lol. Already did my cabbage! I put some vinegar in the blanching water though. Worked great and I have enough cabbage dehydrated for winter soups and stews. I've also dehydrated a bunch of other veggies. Still have some other canning to do, like apples and pears, but my hubby dehydrated some apples for us to use in pies, etc. Thank goodness I have more than one dehydrator!?

  5. bebebutterfield1 says:

    Yep I'd throw that into so many soups. I'm making a pot of potato leek soup for din tonight.?

  6. Debbie Crouch says:

    I watched your video on this and have my first jar filled with cabbage! I barely had it warm off the dehydrator and the requests for cabbage soup came flooding in… Thanks Ms Beverly?

  7. Brianna Johnson says:

    do you have a video showing you canning cabbage?

  8. Susan Frometa says:

    lentils and mushrooms ,onions and a pinch of this and a pinch of that. is my yummy soup.?

  9. Carla Smith says:

    I love dehydrating cabbage. I rehydrate and fry up in a little butter and it's like heaven in a bowl.?

  10. Love dehydrated cabbage.. ????

  11. Great idea. As soon as I finish two more pumpkins will have to try cabbage. Thanks. You pas along the best ideas.?

  12. Oh Bev your pantry is looking beautiful. Can't wait to get some of this on the shelf. Thank you.?

  13. Do you seal your jars of dehydrated foods??

  14. I love my dried veggies, and Youre right : It's great to make soup. But I also use it for coleslaw ,and im so proud 🙂 God bless.?

  15. Please. Use some bleach water and remove the stains from your cutting board. I'm sure it's clean but for a cooking channel, everything is on display. It would only take a few minutes and the results are amazing.?

  16. Lisa Strahan says:

    That is fabulous! I never thought of dehydrating cabbage. Could you process your dried potatoes in your coffee grinder to make instant mashed potato powder or flakes? Just curious. thanks for posting! Take care and God bless!?

  17. Shirley Blazer says:

    Well duhh! Someone is on the ball lol. I noticed U have the same ice machine i have. ??? mine?