Best EDC Knives Under $300 IMHO (Tactical-Practical)

Best EDC Knives Under 0 IMHO (Tactical-Practical)

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  1. StarGate55555 says:

    Benchmade studs should be rotateable bc they r screwed. Just switch the them but not sure if the hole is identical from both sides.?

  2. Best video i have seen in a long while !!?

  3. Dubglock23 says:

    awesome blades man!!?

  4. Jon Wendorff says:

    thx m8 i love ur emerson and other knives , would u be willing to sell any??

  5. doug bulldog says:

    Sweet review, nice collection, those prices just about right in New Zealand trying to pick the accent, a little bit of England, Africa & maybe somewhere down under, cheers bro?

  6. Great knives!!!?

  7. Hempty Dumpty says:

    thanks for the help 'KnifeCollector031', I will look into that……as for pricing: it's in Canadian $$$ and it's accurate (small Manix was $228, large Manix $258 + taxes…just purchased 3 Blurs 2 weeks ago on sale for $109…retail is $135)…maybe your confusing the Manix, with the Manix ll, that is a cheaper version and not the same quality as the original……but thanks for your INFORMED opinion.?

  8. KnifeCollector031 The Netherlands (Messenhobby) says:

    A few nice, classic models. I like the BM examples very much and i own a couple of them.
    If you want more views/subs you better going to use the TAG section and use TAGS to describe the video. Tags are used byt YT to index and compare to search queries. SO if you wanna be found f.e on a search for SKIRMISH better use tags like "Benchmade","Skirmish","Neil","Blackwood","Tactical", "Folding", "Knife", et cetera…..

    I subbed you to check out what you will be uploading in the period ahead…

    Good luck with your channel.?

  9. He clearly states prices on individual knives, and those prices are 3-4x the retail cost. This information is misleading and uninformed?

  10. Dude what are these prices you are quoting? 300$ for a manix? Try 95$. $100 for a blur? Crazy?