First Aid kit contents

First Aid kit contents

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  1. Aaron Peattie says:

    amazing kit best iv seen stuff you will use?

  2. Sammi Prepper Girl & Bushcraft from Down Under! says:

    I love your video, I have Subscribed and would love you to Subscribe to me too 🙂 we can support each other.?

  3. Hrustanovic033 says:

    I like that pouch/bag, what is it (make)??

  4. Acid Reflux 7:30 :)?

  5. Deonte Payne says:

    Ignore my previous i didn't finish the video first?

  6. Deonte Payne says:

    I think it's acid reflux you're thinking of but I could be wrong?

  7. PabloTheFlyingPanda says:

    Those pink pills look like Benadryl, I could be wrong though.?

  8. Anthony Mathis says:

    Seems like a good kit. Thanks for the video!?

  9. Anthony Mathis says:
  10. Very nice video?