? DIY School EMERGENCY kit for girls? {2016-17}

? DIY School EMERGENCY kit for girls? {2016-17}

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  1. Charlie The Horse Loves You says:

    were you lipsinking your entire video??

  2. ripley dog says:

    Why are you out of sync?

  3. Savage Amina says:

    wtf is ur liner?

  4. Becky Short says:

    Your trying way too hard it's really cringy?

  5. Devarei M says:


  6. Basically a Queen says:

    I really hate you like really a lot you are a really stupid and juvenile and wanna be acting it's honestly gross.?

  7. Natalia Rueda says:

    Video quality is horrible and she should try editing Cs it looks horrible.also her makeup look like Someone blind did it ,can she please stop youtube?????

  8. Gustabo xxx says:

    u just got a tumbs up and a suscrid?

  9. Gustabo xxx says:

    fyi u are very preety?

  10. Gustabo xxx says:

    i am new to ur chanlle and i already feel like my sister?

  11. LipBalm Katee says:

    Is it just me or does Lexi look a lot like Loren from musically??

  12. Suhanur rahman says:

    Subscribe love you do every thing u do?

  13. game maker110 says:

    I just wanted to say great video?

  14. Sparkleicious Girl F.O.X says:

    you better thank me I subscribed ??

  15. hi girl"s??

  16. koketso nomnga says:


  17. Ryan Basnight says:

    Did you have a puberty kit and what was in it?

  18. Ryan Basnight says:

    What school you go to because my sister has dance for one of her periods She goes to encore?

  19. Hana Samah says:


  20. ?????? ?????? says:

    ?????? ??????????