Being Prepared – Food Shortage – Beginner Bushcraft

Being Prepared - Food Shortage - Beginner Bushcraft

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  1. Derrick Kerr says:

    Have you read the book The People vs Muhammad ( I would really like to hear your thoughts. Thank you for all that you do to keep people informed.?

  2. awesome show, thanks?

  3. Timmy Tight Pants says:

    I have a question for you guys, especially for the fed; hypothetically, if Hillary got in and managed to appoint 3 or 4 SC judges, and new rulings were made on the 2nd amendment, restricting the use/availability of firearms, where would you as a community, you as a federal agent, and your colleagues stand with regards to enforcing those laws. or is it a case of dont ask dont tell??…?

  4. Timmy Tight Pants says:

    this is golddust. you could go into so much more detail. topics and possibilities are infinite. i am waiting… lol…?

  5. inspector2mikec says:

    Finally finished watching the chat (other stuff going on). That was great! You guys are spot on.?

  6. Rick Hunter says:

    man I should be thanking you you're giving out info the other people isn't thank you keep up the good work?

  7. Permaculture Homestead says:

    cool guys, nice to see ya'll chattin.  Im caring less about the news, propaganda, and politics and more on solutions. God, Garden, Guns.  ;)?

  8. Rick Hunter says:

    thanks great info guys can't wait till next week maybe I'll get to watch it live?

  9. Edward Pedregon says:

    great conversation guys. thank?

  10. Bobby Tectalabyss says:

    Outstanding first show Brad. Ton's of great tips. I was late but made it. Am catching up on the first part today. Keep them coming Brother.
    All my very best.

  11. BexarPrepper says:

    Dang I was an hour late. Glad to be able to hear it all. Some great information thank you all for doing these. Blessings?

  12. Yoda Dundar says:

    Nowadays the Muslims are a protected species, I don't get how every Nation is doing the Obama (bowing) to Muslims, in Australia we just had a News report that the Gov't is approving a Muslim ONLY program in our NFL, 34k a yr to place them in accounting and key areas of management, waiting for them to say we have the same for all those young Aussies dying to get work.
    This is a World Wide event, Sharia is good, our laws are bad, we have to watch what we say and do as to not offend them, England, Germany and France cover up the sexual assaults of ME males, sick to death of the bleeding hearts saying welcome, to me it is like a parasite is on the loose and we say welcome, even though we know we could die from an infection
    Praying for God to intervene before it's too late and everyone is under Sharia law, paying a jizzya or being a slave or dead?

  13. Optionsaregood says:

    Thanks Brad, you guys did a great job, looking forward to the next one.?

  14. Gun Enthusiast says:

    Great Chat Gents.?

  15. Survival Club says:

    My worst crisis was when my 10 year old son was killed instantly in an accident five years ago and I did CPR and everything trying to revive him. Grief is a paralyzing emotion to push through to still find your joy and happiness and continue to move forward so that my other four kids still felt the love and support they needed. I guess I shared this because some people have no idea what they are going to face and what they are going to have to do in a real crisis. The worst enemy to overcome in a crisis is our own mind.?

  16. It's good to the mindset. People will be hungry, be prepared to work or if you have it be prepared to pay for help and services. Keep the rule of law by being fair and honest and making sure that your associations will defend this standard violently. Wow!?

  17. 1975acidburn says:

    I always do a form of peec. Evaluate the people around me,know my exits, and cover,?

  18. awsome video and chat…alot of great points and ideas today. hoorah! !!!!?

  19. nytransactions says:

    def people lack critical thinking…. I went to school for mathematics out of the NAVY and the big lesson in mathematics is to finish your problem… use quick thinking to understand your boundaries first, then look at possible solutions even if they are far fetched these possibilities will become your base thought pattern set…. out of your base solution set eliminate quickly those that will not work… for instance… walk into a restaurant as jj stated quick scan will reveal a table of arab men… problem is that it makes you feel weird… do you sit and stay because you are being trained to not judge others or do you get out? well mathematically the probability of violence increases significantly with a table of arab men… it is not politically incorrect to judge a person based on the probability of an increase of violence… if you don't use your better judgment  you are the only one to blame…  I like the idea of quizzing your kids to be aware of their surroundings… Canadian prepper… lol im just picturing gangs of Canadians running to the Canadian tire to strip the store of beer… everything else will be on the shelves but the beer will be gone… this is when you know Canada is going to be under siege eh…I quit my job, got property out in the middle of nowhere and built a homestead to prepare… I believe staying in the cities will be the death of most…  my neighbors and us we all can and share food and trade… undertaking a lifestyle change like this is the hardest thing I have ever done and the most rewarding… and disappointing.. and fulfilling… but im confident that in the shtf, wrol aand all the other acronyms me and mine will be fine… in fact we will most likely be looking to take a few community members on… plenty of land plenty of love and abundance… learning the ins and outs of full time gardening was probably the most emotional… building stuff is easy if it don't work fix it… but if it don't grow… what are you doing wrong?guns become a stress reliever… and  amazing how good you get when your pissed and chasing a can around your yard with a pistol… thank you guys all for this awesome show!!!!!?