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Fireside Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, 32 Inch Extendable Forks For Perfect Smores & Hot Dogs At The Campfire (8 Pack)

Now includes 10 pack of bamboo skewers also! Power welded forks use Non-Toxic 18/8 304 STAINLESS STEEL to ensure no rusting & safe roasting. 32 inch telescoping fork keep children a safe distance from any patio fire pit, backyard fire pit, bonfire … [Read more...]

Three small letters destroying the rainforest

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace Decades of forest destruction by palm oil and paper companies laid the foundations for 2015’s Indonesian forest fires. The Indonesian government responded with a firm commitment to crack down on rogue … [Read more...]

Iowa: Cedar Rapids flood to become second worst in history!

September 26, 2016: Thousands residents of Cedar Rapids have left their homes Sunday as floodwaters worsened in the area. Officials have asked to evacuate those living in about 5,000 downtown homes near the river.According to the National Weather … [Read more...]

Earthquakes in the world on September 27 , 2016 (M4.5 or more)

New earthquakes will be added instantly! - Keep this page open in a browser tab Weaker earthquakes check this listing Earthquakes of M 2.9 or more, click here. - - Color explanation (title color) GREEN = Some slight damage is possible but NO injuries … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake – Kuril’sk, Russia on September 26, 2016 only survives with (mostly small) PRIVATE DONATIONS. Your gift will be highly appreciated. This page will automatically refresh every 10 minutes as we might be adding updates. Do not close it but leave it open in a browser tab. … [Read more...]

Looking to Disappear

I am a 36 year old white male living in Florida. I am looking to get out of here, as the climate is awful, it’s too coastal, and there are a million laws against living off grid. I do have 2 advanced science degrees and a great job, but not … [Read more...]

As the Syrian Ceasefire Collapses

September 25, 2016 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - When Liz Sly of the Washington Post published her latest deceptive and particularly biased piece titled, "A ferocious assault on Aleppo suggests the U.S. may be wrong on Syria," she intended to give the … [Read more...]

Remington Timeline: 1816 – Remington is Founded

When Eliphalet Remington I moved his family westward from Connecticut to upstate New York in 1800, it was a mere twenty-four years after the Declaration of Independence and just seventeen years past the final recognition of that independence by the … [Read more...]

Remington Timeline: 1875 – Remington Guns of the Wild West

If our Civil War had been traumatic, then the immediate aftermath was equally so. While the fabric of the nation had avoided being torn in two, it was badly tattered on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line. Besides the physical damage of the war, the … [Read more...]

Inside Look: Colt Combat Unit

The Colt Combat Unit comprises of three individuals with loads of military and training experience and advises Colt on product development and production. The post Inside Look: Colt Combat Unit appeared first on Gun Digest. Article by Gun Digest. … [Read more...]

The New FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK Rifle

The new FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK rifle represents FN America's first foray into a factory-produced rifle chambered in the popular .300 BLK. The post The New FN 15 Tactical .300 BLK Rifle appeared first on Gun Digest. Article by Gun Digest. Read … [Read more...]

Architek Fixed Clamp-On AR-15 Front Sight

Check out this cool new clamp-on AR-15 front sight from Battle Arms Development called the Architek that looks very similar to an AK-47 front sight. Its lightweight and compact made for .750 diameter AR-15 barrels. It’s made out of machined … [Read more...]

The Monetization Of Phuc Long

RECOIL put the kid in a box… gave him all types of parameters and shit.  Oh and notice this video I was able to embed below is only a short “preview” *eye roll*: Once I actually jumped through the hoop by visiting the RECOILTV … [Read more...]

High End Negrini Cases Now Available For Glocks

Sure, that black plastic case that came with your Glock is perfectly serviceable, but what if you want something nicer? INTELCASE company, a distributor of the high-end Italian gun luggage, has introduced a custom shop line of fine cases for all … [Read more...]

Chiappa 1887 T-Series Shotgun

Lever action shotguns were not popular for a long period of time, and even John Browning suggest that Winchester opt for a pump action in lieu of a lever design. However employer trumped employee and thus the 1887 was born. The T-Series is a non-NFA … [Read more...]

Vacant land on Costa Rica for $17,500

Beautiful and affordable land next to one of the most beautiful beaches and best surf break in Costa Rica “Playa Avellanas”! Only 500 m from the beach/famous Lola’s Restaurant and just a breeze to the golf coarse at Hacienda Pinilla this lots is a … [Read more...]

Podhoretz versus Podhoretz

Currently Hillary is trying to make a case for Trump being pro-Putin and pro-Russian.Why this is supposed to be so condemning is beyond me. Russia is not communist any more, nor is Putin. He's a rough-and-ready leader of a country that's trying to … [Read more...]

First fire of the season

We had our first wood fire this evening, it’s not really cold, not as cold as it will get, but it was one of those chilly, grey, damp, rainy days that just begged for a nice wood fire. Of course there is the fantasy of sitting in front of a … [Read more...]

The Belly of the Whale: The New English Canaan, Part IV

Editor’s Note In the last item of the present series, moderate royalist and Anglican Thomas Morton loosed arrow after arrow in the Puritans’ general direction, chastising them before the English public for their reckless destruction of his … [Read more...]

The Big Parliament Tower and the Shard as seen from the Westminster Cathedral Tower – Brian Micklethwait

Article by Libertarian Blog Place. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Vehicle Gear #1 A Conceptual Discussion

Our recent post Urban E&E/ Get Home Kit got me thinking about this. It also works conveniently because that is the current push in my personal preparations. My initial goal was to beef up the first aid kit there but I decided it was as good a … [Read more...]


A quarter hour of dark electronics and tortured manipulations from DEALING (for the more curious, I believe this outfit is associated with the decidedly more filthy SACRED FOLLOWERS). Four tracks from TROPICAL BODY on the flip, and as much as I dig … [Read more...]

Documents Reveal Widespread Abuse of Social Media Spying Tools by California Cops

By Derrick Broze The release of thousands of pages of documents has revealed that California law enforcement have secretly acquired social media monitoring tools that... Article by Activist Post. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

NSA Knew of Flaw Three Years in Advance That Led To Cyber Attack

By Alice Salles A little over a month after a group of hackers known as the Shadow Brokers publicly exposed tools used by National Security... Article by Activist Post. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Creepy Clown Sightings Sweep The Nation As The Threats Of Violence Become Even More Chilling

All over America sick and twisted people are dressing up like creepy clowns in order to frighten the living daylights out of others.  This trend started back in August, and since then social media has helped it spread like wildfire.  So far there … [Read more...]

26 Incredible Facts About The Economy That Every American Should Know For The Trump-Clinton Debate

Are you ready for the most anticipated presidential debate in decades?  It is being projected that Monday’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could potentially break the all-time record of 80 million viewers that watched Ronald … [Read more...]

Pickle Recipes: Pickling, a great way to preserve food.

Pickle Recipes; pickling is not just for cucumbers! Try peppers, carrots, corn and more. Article by Simply Canning Blog and Updates. Canning Recipes, Equipment and How to Can instructions.. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

When Summer Ends, Replace The Food In Your 72-hour Vehicle Kit

I ALWAYS have emergency food in my truck as part of my overall 72 hour emergency kit. Your vehicle is a logical place to keep extra food, especially since we spend so much time there (commuting, traveling, etc..). A problem with storing food in a … [Read more...]

September 23, 2016 Miscellany News Brief

We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. Article by Read entire … [Read more...]

Survival Buzz: How to Store Batteries for the Long Term

How much do you know about storing household batteries for the long term?  Until I started prepping, I did not have a clue.  Even after I started to prep, I was unsure, although it did make sense to store batteries at room temperature, not too hot … [Read more...]

Protecting Yourself and Family is Key!

We know that the big one is coming. We prepare ourselves to survive by having enough food & water, medical supplies and other things on hand but we also need to protect ourselves from all. Protecting yourself and your Family at home from … [Read more...]

The Manipulated Destruction of American Freedom and Sovereignty

Survival Saturday is  a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared. This Week in the News This week on Survival Saturday, we’ll … Read the restThe post The Manipulated Destruction of American … [Read more...]

External Belt Gear Rigs

When the soldiers left the ships to fight in that big war to end all wars, the troops were all carrying a webbed belt around the outside of their coats or jackets. This webbed belt carried a wide variety of accessory pouches for ammo, weapons … [Read more...]

Covering More Ground when Bugging Out

by Ryan So it is time to bug out. Something horrible has happened and you need to get away from civilization as quickly as possible. You have plenty of wilderness ahead of you, but you need to move quickly and put miles behind you. The terrain is … [Read more...]

Liars and Linguistics: “Secretary Clinton”?

A few points of interest about the debate tonight, starting with a discussion of positional power. If you skipped the grown-up organizational development classes in grad school, the short version is people tend to bow or bend to the will of people … [Read more...]

7 Sensible Ways To Get Your Kids Dirty (and Healthy)

image by I have, on many occasions, written about the importance of good hygiene and sanitation on the chances of a family or survival group succeeding, even when everything else fails. That’s all well and good, but what can … [Read more...]

Episode-1878- Listener Feedback for 9-26-16

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I respond to your emails on a teachers strike, future proof jobs, dealing with ADD, walking to freedom, training kids to use guns and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback show … Continue … [Read more...]

Hillary “Hires Psychologists To Undermine Trump”… Just As CIA Does In Assessing Egos of Foreign Adversaries

Thinking Like Trump: The idea for this illustration came from viewing Peter Yang’s iconic portrait of Trump as the Thinker. Credit where it is due. Hillary Clinton is preparing for the presidential debates in a unique way. She isn’t … [Read more...]

Notes for Monday – September 26, 2016

September 26th, is the birthday of the late Jack LaLanne. Born 1914, died January 23, 2011. Article by Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Third Attack in Last Ten Days: Shooter wounds Nine in Houston

Nine people were shot and wounded in Houston when a shooter opened fire at a Strip Mall Monday morning. The post Third Attack in Last Ten Days: Shooter wounds Nine in Houston appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival … [Read more...]

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Pepper Gun

The Mace Pepper Gun is one of the most accurate defense sprays available. The OC pepper spray formula is contained in a replaceable cartridge. The cartridge utilizes advanced bag-in-a-can technology that allows you to spray a constant stream,reaching … [Read more...]

NcStar 3 pc Drop Leg Gun Holster W/ 3 Magazine Pouches Pistol Pouch Tactical/Airsoft

Molded Universal Holster fits Most Standard Size Pistols. Three Magazine Pouches on Left Side. Fully Adjustable Belt and Leg Straps. Right Handed Only. $ 19.90 … [Read more...]

WNOSH Rifle Sight Tactical Power 532nm Green Dot Laser Scope with Picatinny Rail Mount Barrel Mount Rechargeable Cr123a Battery Charger Include

SAFETY CAUTIONS: 100% brand new.Material: Aluminum alloy. Color: Black.never look directly into the laser beam never point a laser beam at a person. do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces. never view a laser pointer using an optiacal … [Read more...]

Tactical Ergonomic Forward Grip VTS PTK Angled Rail Attachment Tan

Description: 1. Provides natural grip positioning for point and shoot techniques 2. Ergonomic design prevents fatigue and increases long term accuracy 3. Maintains natural body stance 4. Allows versatile positioning for optimal comfort 5. Made of a … [Read more...]

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Wide Mouth w/Straw Lid

Made for the outdoors. Hydro Flask's TempShield insulation has redefined what the classic outdoor water bottle can be. The 18, 32, and 40 oz bottles keep your beverage icy cold or piping hot from trailhead to summit and every step in-between. Your … [Read more...]

Tangkula 10’X10′ EZ POP UP Tent Gazebo Wedding Party Canopy Shelter Carry Bag

Caution:Please Fold And Fasten The Tent Or Take It Down In Blustery And Thunderstorm Day.Keep The Tent Away From Fire … [Read more...]

JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack – Multi Color

Big Student JanSport $ 35.99 … [Read more...]

Whistler TRX-2 Base Digital Mobile Radio Scanner

The Whistler TRX-2 exemplifies Whistler's commitment to the scanner market by bringing new capabilities and transmission modes to its customers. This multi-system adaptive digital trunking scanner supports Motorola P25 Phase I, X2-TDMA, Phase II and … [Read more...]

BAOFENG BF-888S Walkie Talkie with Built in LED Torch (Pack of 4)

This radio is helpful for the following circumstances: security guard, supermarket connection, constructionarea indication. It is also helpful for field survival, biking and hiking. It is very easy to use these. All you need is turn these two to the … [Read more...]

ME.FAN™ Silicone Cooking Pig Food Storage Suction Lids and Microwave Splatter Screen Plus Bowl Covers 3 Set Red

Choose ME.FAN, choose simply kitchen life Multi-purpose: - Multi-sizes work on all your bowls, pans, and pots. - Work on all materials,such as plastic,glass,stainless steel,melamine and ceramic - Package included: 1 S(130mm),1 M (175mm) and 1 … [Read more...]

Kamisafe Tactical LED Flashlight – Waterproof,Cree,XML,Q5,Torch Light,Outdoor,5 Modes,18650 Battery and charger,For Hiking, Camping, Emergency

Our product is a portable and practical rechargeable 18650 LED flashlight, which adopts CREE LED emitter to give you three output modes for choice and features such tactical functions as strike bezel and strobe mode, to make it ideal for daily life, … [Read more...]

What I told the government about fracking and their unsustainable ‘dash for gas’

All rights reserved. Credit: Steve Morgan/Greenpeace Last week I spoke at an event in Parliament to discuss "Shale Gas and Climate Change."The event was hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group (APPCCG) which is a coalition of lots … [Read more...]

The lowdown on UN’s SOFIA report: 89.5% of fish are now fully or overfished

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace The SOFIA report is a biennial publication that outlines the State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture of the previous two years, hence the name. Commissioned by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the … [Read more...]

Floods and Landslides in Indonesia’s Java Island kill 20

September 21, 2016: Flooding and landslide triggered by heavy rainfall have claimed lives of at least 20 people and left 14 others missing in Indonesian island of Java.The natural disasters caused massive damage in Garut district of West Java, where … [Read more...]

Earthquakes in the world on September 24 , 2016 (M4.5 or more)

New earthquakes will be added instantly! - Keep this page open in a browser tab Weaker earthquakes check this listing Earthquakes of M 2.9 or more, click here. - - Color explanation (title color) GREEN = Some slight damage is possible but NO injuries … [Read more...]

Very Strong earthquake – Mindanao, Philippines on September 23, 2016 only survives with (mostly small) PRIVATE DONATIONS. Your gift will be highly appreciated. This page will automatically refresh every 10 minutes as we might be adding updates. Do not close it but leave it open in a browser tab. … [Read more...]

California Gov, Jerry Brown – Off-Grid

The Conservative Governor is pro-environment and even spoke at the UN’s 2015 Paris climate change conference. Photo from Associated Press Environmental champion, Jerry Brown says his next home will be totally off the grid. Powered by solar … [Read more...]

YSEALI: America’s Quiet Colonisation of Southeast Asia

September 22, 2016 (Joseph Thomas - NEO) - The US State Department's Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) claims on its official US government website to build "the leadership capabilities of youth in the region and promotes cross-border … [Read more...]

Remington Timeline: 1914 – World War I Begins

On June 28, 1914, the Crown Prince of Austria was assassinated while inspecting troops in the Austrian city of Serajevo, near the Serbian border. Austria, confident about her alliance with Germany, declared war against Serbia on July 28th. The … [Read more...]

Remington Timeline: 1941 – Remington Goes to War

In 1941, when the United States needed firearms for its own troops, it called upon Remington. The company responded dramatically with both rifles and ammunition, eventually increasing its workforce twenty-fold, and ultimately producing materiel with … [Read more...]