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Ozark Trail 1 Person Backpacking Tent

Lightweight and easy to carry along, this hiker tent has a two-pole design for easy set-up. It features a gear loft and two organizer pockets. Easy access to an electrical extension cord is provided through the built-in E-port. $ 26.73 … [Read more...]

Ultralight Mummy Down Sleeping Bag – 15 Degree 4 Season, Lightweight Design for Backpacking, Thru Hiking, and Camping – Under 2 lbs 14 oz w/ Compression Sack

SAVE SPACE, SHAVE WEIGHT, and PAY LESS This premium quality ultralight 15 Degree mummy duck down sleeping bag for backpacking is the lightest, most compressible bag with the highest quality available under 0.00. Professionally designed for … [Read more...]

Garmin 3″ Garmin Rino 755t

Rino 750 and 755t bring trail-tested confidence to any hunt, trek, climb or adventure with their 5 Watt FRS/GMRS 2-way radio and 3-inch touchscreen display. Dual GPS and GLONASS satellite reception gives better tracking in challenging environments. … [Read more...]

Hesh Pharma Amla Hair Powder 3.5oz., 100g (Pack of 2)

Hesh Amla Powder is a natural astringent and skin toner that works on both hair and skin. In botanical terms it is known as Emblic Myrobalan. The paste of this powder helps promote black and luxuriant hair. Even as it controls hair loss, it … [Read more...]

Wise Company 60 Serving Gourmet Seasoned Freeze Dried Meat, 60-Ounce

60 servings of assorted gourmet seasoned freeze dry meat + 20 bonus servings of long term emergency quick cook rice.  Total Servings = 80. $ 123.82 … [Read more...]

You, Me and the Apocalypse (2015-) TV series

A refreshing British comedy with very dark moments (violent murders) in which a group of related and unrelated misfits come together in a bunker in Slough, England, to wait out the impact of a comet/asteroid. This TV series premiered in the UK in … [Read more...]

Light earthquake in Delhi today

An earthquake measuring 3.5 hit Delhi and its surrounding areas around 03:05 pm afternoon on August 22, 2016.According to India Meteorological Department, the earthquake occurred near Mahendragarh, Haryana at a shallow depth of 10 km.No damage or … [Read more...]

Earthquakes in the world on August 30 , 2016 (M2.9 or more)

New earthquakes will be added instantly! - Keep this page open in a browser tab - - needs your skills Because of our growing popularity, we always need volunteers (limited time activities per day/week/event) for the following … [Read more...]

Earthquakes in the world on August 30 , 2016 (M4.5 or more)

New earthquakes will be added instantly! - Keep this page open in a browser tab Weaker earthquakes check this listing Earthquakes of M 2.9 or more, click here. - - Color explanation (title color) GREEN = Some slight damage is possible but NO injuries … [Read more...]

Late summer 2016 SkyCastle update

Things are happening at the SkyCastle, as you may or may not know, late last winter I spilled a very large, very sweet cup of coffee (complete with melted marshmallows) into my laptop, I was able to get it rinsed out and dried pretty well, but things … [Read more...]

What Syria’s Kurds "Think" They are Fighting For Versus Reality

August 29, 2016 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Reports are emerging of widespread armed conflict between Kurdish militants and Syrian forces. Concentrated in and around eastern Syria and the city of Hasaka, reports indicate that Syrian forces may be on … [Read more...]

Meopta: The Best-Kept Secret in Optics

The 44mm objective lens is just the right size for its power range. Not too large, this scope is light and compact in the field. Meopta is the best-kept secret in the optics industry. Headquartered in the Czech Republic, the company began making … [Read more...]

The Model 1879 Springfield Trapdoor Carbine

brightcove.createExperiences(); By the time the Civil War ended, there was no doubt that the self-contained metallic cartridge was the wave of the future. With the successful, widespread use of the Spencer repeater as well as more limited employment … [Read more...]

LaserLyte’s Integral Laser/Light for Taurus Curve

LaserLyte offers the first-ever integral laser/light for the Taurus Curve, designed to improve the gun's accuracy potential in all lighting conditions. The post LaserLyte’s Integral Laser/Light for Taurus Curve appeared first on Gun … [Read more...]

Tactical Walls Adds New RFID Locking Models

Tactical Walls continues to expand its lineup of hidden-in-plain-sight firearm storage options with two new RFID locking models. The post Tactical Walls Adds New RFID Locking Models appeared first on Gun Digest. Article by Gun Digest. Read entire … [Read more...]

Travis Haley Releases The Final Introspective Painting

*thinking emojii*. The last painting in the collection: Man, Travis is DEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.  If I had a painting I commissioned which I sold I’d just be like “This is a painting.  If you like it you should buy it.  That’s all, thanks … [Read more...]

Stay Woke On Cover VS Concealment

USCCA doing these “cover vs concealment” vids now.  The choices seem pretty random, here are a couple examples: Firewood, cases of water bottles, cases of soda, dresser full of clothes, interior doors etc.  Seems like a good way to reach … [Read more...]

TFB Lightning Review: Strike Industries BMC Grips

Interchangeable grips and grip scales are a lot like holsters in that it can take a few tries to find the ones that fit and feel “just right”.  One platform that this author has tried quite a few different grips out on is the 1911.  … [Read more...]

TFBTV: Wilson Combat AR9G Glock-mag 9mm AR15 Review

In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews Wilson Combat’s brand new AR9G, a 9mm AR15 that accepts 9mm Glock magazines.  Wilson designed this gun from the ground up – it is no mere converted AR15, but a completely new gun. Wilson plans to … [Read more...]

A Queasy Quibcag Quarrel

Well, what do you think? — I am again sort of under siege — mostly in the kindest way — by those who say the anime is a bad idea. For example:Your posts are spot on! Then you spoil them with anime photos.It prevents me from sharing them.And not so … [Read more...]

Looking for at least 9 others

I am looking for at least 9 other people who would be interested in creating an Off Grid Community. We can connect and share our ideas online and get the process started. I would like to find a large piece of property in Oregon or Colorado and each … [Read more...]

To Depose an Evil Governor, and Kill A Tyrant: John Ponet’s "Short Treatise," Part IV

Editor’s Note In John Ponet’s final remarks on political philosophy, the “Marian exile” Bishop of Winchester struck at the remaining roots of late medieval royalism. The Short Treatise’s fifth chapter dispels the feudal mythology that the … [Read more...]

Another Big Thing alignment – Brian Micklethwait

Article by Libertarian Blog Place. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

From Survival Blog: Is Being Prepared Getting In The Way of Living?, by M.

What are you preparing for? Are you getting ready to survive an EMP attack? A financial meltdown? Flu pandemic? Nuclear holocaust? Regardless of what we are preparing for, sometimes it is healthy to ask ourselves how we are living in the meantime. … [Read more...]

Study Finds Link Between Water Fluoridation And Diabetes

By Derrick Broze A recent mathematical model study has found a potential link between water fluoridation and type 2 diabetes. A study from Ohio’s Case... Article by Activist Post. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Watchdog: Secret Board Resolution Paved Way In ICANN Internet Globalization Agenda

By Daniel Taylor Corwin: ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade passed secret resolutions, used NSA spy leaks as “false premise” to strip control from U.S. Philip Corwin, Founding... Article by Activist Post. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Robert Pollin on “Green Growth”

Robert Pollin is professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI). Triple Crisis welcomes your comments. Please share your thoughts below. Triple Crisis is published … [Read more...]

Detroit Has Gone From Being The Greatest Manufacturing City In The World To A Global Joke

In 1960, the city of Detroit was the greatest manufacturing city that the world had ever seen.  Nearly two million people lived there, and it had the highest per capita income in the United States.  That may be hard to believe, because today it … [Read more...]

America The Debt Pig: We Are A ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Society – And ‘Pay Later’ Is Rapidly Approaching

If you really wanted to live like a millionaire, you could start doing it right now.  All you have to do is to apply for as many credit cards as possible and then begin running up credit card balances like there is no tomorrow.  At this point, I know … [Read more...]

Corn Relish Recipe

How to can corn relish recipe, a fun delicious alternative to canning corn. Article by Simply Canning Blog and Updates. Canning Recipes, Equipment and How to Can instructions.. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Is A Large Volcano About To Erupt And Trigger A Global Unwinding?

“Katla”, a likely unheard of volcano for most of you, just showed signs of a potential major awakening at the southern tip of Iceland. Why is this relevant? Because if this VEI-6 volcano should blow its top, there may be major … [Read more...]

Zombie Industries Targets: Shooting zombies, a family affair 

We've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. Article by Read entire … [Read more...]

How to Make Pemmican

Pemmican has been called the ultimate survival food.  It is nutrient dense and fits right in with the paleo diet.  It was originally produced in the 18th century by native Americans and French Voyageurs.  Pemmican is made traditionally from buffalo … [Read more...]

Survival Buzz: How to Test Your Drinking Water + Giveaway

When you think about emergency water, most likely you think about acquisition, purification, and filtering processes.  I know that I do.  What is missing from this equation, though, is testing. Can we assume the water coming out of the kitchen faucet … [Read more...]

Solar Generators Vs Fuel Generators

In the past 10 years, many companies have tried to develop a new way of powering our lives. Most of them have placed their bets on solar energy. Sun provides so much energy in one minute that it can power the entire Earth for one year. Learning to … [Read more...]

As The World Burns: Are You Really Prepared for What’s Coming?

Survival Saturday is  a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared. This Week in the News This week on Survival Saturday, we’ll … Read the restThe post As The World Burns: Are You Really … [Read more...]

Prepper Pocket Pistols

The essential idea behind a pocket pistol is to carry it concealed on your person in the event of immediate need.  During an active SHTF event, a prepper-survivalists may have multiple opportunities to engage their pocket pistol for a wide variety of … [Read more...]

Why You Should Be Prepping… No Matter Who Gets Elected

by Ryan The most heated topic of discussion right now is the upcoming election for president.   The general consensus is that neither candidate is ideal.  Neither candidate has the true support of their party or the support of the public. No matter … [Read more...]

Janet’s Map of the Future

It was more of the same this weekend: ; The major money center banks of the world and the monetary policy folks getting together at Jackson Hole Wyoming. ; A fitting place where the world Hole figured prominently has to be one of the finest winks out … [Read more...]

Survival Medicine Hour: Earthquakes, Epi-Pens, More

The Epi-Pen In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour, Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, ARNP discuss some general thoughts on the nature of survival medicine that you might not have taken into account in making your preparedness plans. Also, … [Read more...]

Episode-1859- Listener Feedback for 8-29-16

Tweet. Today on the Survival Podcast I respond to your emails on gardening, planting trees, teaching, homesteading, investing, guns, the student loan bubble and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback show that you put something like … [Read more...]

Economist Talks Endgame Scenarios: “Physical Precious Metals Markets May Freeze Up… Buying Frenzy… $5,000 Gold Is A Conservative Estimate”

Economist David Morgan of The Morgan Report is one of the world’s best known silver investors. In the following interview with Future Money Trends Morgan discusses his personal experiences during the last major run-up in gold, when it hit a … [Read more...]

Notes for Monday – August 29, 2016

August 29th is a mournful day, as we remember the anniversary of the death of “The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” – Isaiah 40:3. John, … [Read more...]

Gun Ownership in America hits Record Highs: 44% of All Homes have a Firearm

This week, the Pew Research Center released a shocking poll; over 44% of American homes now have at least 1 firearm... The post Gun Ownership in America hits Record Highs: 44% of All Homes have a Firearm appeared first on Off Grid Survival - … [Read more...]

Streetwise Sting Ring 18 Million Volt Stun Gun Perfect Back to School Discrete Defense Rechargeable Black

Stuns R Us & Streetwise Security Products introduces their newest design in personal protection, the Sting Ring. This revolutionary model separates itself from all other stun guns on the market today and is destined to become a favorite among women. … [Read more...]

#1 Best Paracord Bracelet 2PCS Pack – 5-In-1 Outdoor Paracord Survival Kit 550LB Parachute Cord, Buckle with Compass, Flint Fire Starter, Whistle & Emergency Knife Scraper – Hiking Camping Gear-Black

About EliteMax 5-In-1 Paracord Survival Bracelet Quality Tested Material - We use only the highest quality, military grade, super strong 550lb paracord for the bracelets. Our cords are tested to withstand a breaking point of 550lbs/250kg. This … [Read more...]

The Rocket Mass Heater Builder’s Guide: Complete Step-by-Step Construction, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Heating with wood is often considered a natural and economical alternative to electricity or fossil fuels. However, even with a fairly new and efficient woodstove, many cords of wood are required for burning over the course of a single winter, and … [Read more...]


[Read more...]

Pop Up Tent by TSWA – Automatic & Instant Setup Dome Waterproof Tents for Backpacking 3-4 Person Portable Pack for Hiking and Camping shelters

Description:TSWA is a professional outdoor brand which was registered in US. We are committed to provide high quality products, meanwhile, help our customers enjoying their outdoors experience. Notice: Because of this is a new product,when you open … [Read more...]

#1 Outdoor Mosquito Net By NATURO -The Largest Double Bed Mosquito Net Canopy – Insect Malaria Repellent – Free Bonuses: 2 Insect Repellent Bracelets , A Full Hanging Kit, Carry Bag + Free E-Book

FORGET THAT ANNOYING MOSQUITO BUZZ FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES! How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night, trying to catch that pesky creature in vain? No more sleepless nights! Our wonderful mosquito canopy can guard you … [Read more...]

Nemo FILLO Backpacking and Camping Pillow (2015)

New for 2015 almost 2oz lighter and a new color! FilloTM is soft and yielding, yet substantial enough for side-sleepers. It's amazing in the backcountry, but also great on an airplane or as lumbar support. It feels big when it's cradling your head, … [Read more...]

ADS-B 1090MHz PRO USB Stick + Band-pass SMA Filter + Car/Indoor Antenna for FlightAware – Track Planes Live Near You!

Includes: ADS-B 1090MHz FlightAware PRO USB Stick + Band-pass SMA Filter plus Car Antenna for FlightAware. This is a perfect Car/Truck kit for your FlighAware dongle. SMA (female to male) 1090MHz Mode S filter. Designed to reduce interference and … [Read more...]

Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with built-in Alexa Voice Service, 2 Pack

We live in a world that is “hyper-connected”. Despite this, we still don’t get to spend enough time with the people who matter to us most. That's why we made Nucleus. We keep it simple – a tablet-sized screen you can plug in anywhere in the house … [Read more...]

AuKvi AK80 Brightest Tactical Flashlight

About AuKvi AuKvi, focuses on creating the best lighting experience. Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted. Enjoy lighting with AuKvi Flashlight Features: 1) Brand:Aukvi 2) Manufacturer:AuKvi 3) Wattage:10 watts 4) … [Read more...]

Microbeads ban creeps closer as MPs demand action

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace MPs call for microbeads ban Image caption: MPs call for microbeads ban Great news this morning - an influential government committee just backed our call for a ban on microbeads!Sign the petition - ask Theresa … [Read more...]

Microbeads – What does a ban look like?

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace On Wednesday this week, the Environmental Audit Committee released a report calling for microbeads to be banned. But what does an effective ban look like? The ban in the US, whilst signalling a huge step … [Read more...]

August 24, 2016: Deadly earthquake in Amatrice, Italy

Aerial photo of earthquake damage in Amatrice, Italy (AP/BBC)A 6.2 magnitude earthquake rattled Central Italy on 24 August 2016 at 03:36 CEST with severe damage in the historic town of Amatrice.According to the civil protection officials, at least … [Read more...]

Earthquake felt in Bangkok today; Buildings evacuated

Tremors have been recorded in Bangkok at 5.34 Thai time on August 24, 2016 forcing the people to evacuate from the higher buildings.The Meteorological Department's Seismology Office confirmed the tremor as the result of magnitude 6.8 earthquake with … [Read more...]

Earthquakes in the world on August 27 , 2016 (M2.9 or more)

New earthquakes will be added instantly! - Keep this page open in a browser tab - - needs your skills Because of our growing popularity, we always need volunteers (limited time activities per day/week/event) for the following … [Read more...]

Earthquakes in the world on August 27 , 2016 (M4.5 or more)

New earthquakes will be added instantly! - Keep this page open in a browser tab Weaker earthquakes check this listing Earthquakes of M 2.9 or more, click here. - - Color explanation (title color) GREEN = Some slight damage is possible but NO injuries … [Read more...]